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We are honored to serve the community through offering a variety of healing services at an affordable cost. We create a safe and loving space during these once-a-month events for our community members to receive healing; it is important to us that healing opportunities are possible for everyone who needs access to them. It is a joy to connect people with their own energy and capacity for deeper well being, and to introduce people with healers that they resonate with and can continue to work with. We aim to uplift and encourage each other’s wellness and nurture meaningful connections and relationships. The divine and earthly web we weave is resilient and full of grace, and we are grateful for this opportunity to weave together in this way.


Karina J. Duffy (Founder)
Trauma & Grief Release Healer
Intuitive Reader/Reiki/Life Coach

Karina offers her intuitive insight to see a clear vision and direction for your life path. Her intent is to help you align to your higher purpose of your life. After the session you will feel empowered, excited, restored with more clarity, joy and direction for your life.

Karina was born in Dublin, Ireland and is from a long line of Celtic intuitive healers and psychics, when Karina works with you in a healing/reading, she immediately starts connecting with your spirit guides to help bring insightful heartfelt guidance.

For Private Sessions with Karina:


Nicole Syverson (Managing Director & Co- Facilitator)

Nicole has an exceptional gift of supporting others through the healing process with her caring nature and in depth education skills in the healing arts. 

Her past experience lies in the  management industry. She joins Community Healing Sanctuary as Managing Director and Co Facilitator with Karina. Her bliss in life is to bring others together in community so they can truly heal, recuperate and find the courage to walk though life with an open heart. 

To contact Nicole:


Lauren Snyder
(Creative Director)
Intuitive Reiki Practitioner


Lauren is an Intuitive Master Reiki Practitioner for both humans and animals, a Yoga teacher and an Empath. She utilizes her natural and trained abilities to gently guide and focus Universal Energy to relax, renew, and guide emotional and physical healing where it is needed.  Lauren’s work has been described as deeply warm and comforting; a very loving and maternal presence. She is a mother to two young children and has spent many years teaching and working with individuals of all ages and has a special love for working with children and families. 
"We are all capable of great healing. We all have the ability to connect, to change, and to grow. Sometimes, we just need someone to walk alongside us as we do."

Let Lauren be that supportive compassionate presence who walks beside you on your healing journey.

For Private Sessions with Lauren:


Emily Violet Elizabeth (Founding Member)

Intuitive Reader, Bodyworker, & Energy Healer

Emily is a natural born intuitive healer with 15 years of professional experience and education in the healing arts, including training as a Reiki Master, clairvoyant energy reader, tarot reader, massage therapist, and bodyworker. Her work is to guide people towards anchoring their fullest expression through finding a sense of belonging, freedom, joy, clarity, and spaciousness in their own bodies and energy. She believes bodywork, psychic work, and energy work are vital components of self-care, where we can ground, be with what is, unwind patterns of pain and stagnation, connect to our own energy, and align with our divine essence, allowing for integration and deeper embodiment as spirit in human form. When we move through the world aware of our multidimensional nature & inherent wholeness, we impart true love in all we do,
facilitating deep healing individually & collectively.

For Private Sessions with Emily: or


Raquell "Rocky" Denio

Reiki Healer/ Intuitive Oracle Reader

Rocky is a Lightworker, a Crystal Healer, an Intuitive offering multiple healing modalities and readings. Rocky uses color/energy therapies to clear your luminous field, meridians and the chakras. She helps retrieve pieces of the lost soul by connecting to your higher self. She enjoys helping people activate their merkaba; your sacred light body. Rocky has experienced many losses since childhood. Through her deepest pain she’s grown and rose from the ashes just like the Phoenix. She connects you to your loved ones spirit in a safe sacred manner. Following her own healing transformation, she’s been called to heal others. After a session you will feel lighter with a greater sense of peace. Rocky has counseled people with disabilities since 1999. She has studied and utilized crystal healing since she was 7 years old. Guided spirit journeying is her favorite modality. 


Rocky provides Crystal Vision tarot/oracle readings. She offers guidance which illuminates a path to your highest good. You will receive clarity, any course correction required, and insight so you may co-create your hearts desires.

For Private Sessions with Raquell:


Baleigh Bender

Ayurvedic Kansa Massage & Energy Healing

Baleigh is a California native and currently lives in beautiful Ojai. She has been very sensitive, intuitive and empathic for as long as she can remember. She is a certified esthetician, a certified Reiki healer and assists in aligning the bodyʼs chakra systems. Baleigh specializes in Ayurvedic
Kansa facial and body massage work and alignment. The Kansa wand is an ancient tool used in Ayurvedic medicine. It dates as far back as 5,000 to 10,000 years. This tool is a blend of alchemized metals which she massages the face and body with, helping drain the lymphatic system, release toxins in the skin, and moving your inherent electrical current throughout the
body. She sets the intention to give you alignment and clearing in ways that serves you in your highest purpose and is most unique and personalized to you.

For Private Sessions with Baleigh:

Best Head Shot for now.jpg

Patrick Madden
Intuitive Soul Reader

“What Your Soul Wants You to Know.”

Patrick’s gift of being a soul reader has existed within him his entire life. However, while going through major life-changing events, he experienced a spiritual breakthrough and his intuitive abilities became more refined.  He is able to connect with your soul to receive, interpret, and communicate information that would be helpful to bring into your consciousness at the time of the reading. Real healing starts at the soul level. In order to achieve healing on an emotional or physical level we have to go deep into the core of who we really are.  

During a session with Patrick he accomplishes this by tuning directly into the vibration of your “higher self”; receiving clear information and guidance, assisting you in releasing blockages to your heart’s desire.    ‘Come learn what you soul wants you to know!.’

For Private Sessions with Patrick:


Lois Dominguez
Massage Therapist


Lois D. is a local massage therapist whose work may sound clinical but whose hands have heart. Although her work may be very deep, it is deeply relaxing, never painful.  After a session: You will feel refreshed and lighter, any pain or discomfort should be diminished or eliminated and you will be on your way to restored posture, improved range of motion and overall well being.


Lois is trained in Orthopedic massage a session with Lois includes a variety of techniques such as Swedish, Sports, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, MediCupping and Prenatal. Neck/shoulder and low back/hips are her favorite issues to improve.

For Private Sessions with Lois:


Jacqueline Gojkovich


Jacqueline received a Masters Degree at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine and took the state board exam to become a licensed Acupuncturist. Right away she began
practicing community acupuncture in Camarillo, but after her second child was born, she decided to take a break to focus on the children. Now for the past year, she has been in private practice, treating mostly in Ventura or offering home visits. Her recent focus has been
at a treatment center in Agoura Hills for behavioral and addiction issues. Jacqueline’s specialty lies in pain management and injury recovery, but also in mental health, as she believes it closely goes hand and hand with many physical ailments.

For Private Sessions with Jacqueline:


Lisa Gotwals

Reiki Practitioner & Medical Intuitive

Lisa is a trained Reiki Master and Medical Intuitive, also qualified as a Registered Nurse. She has been in the medical field for 20 years, and now her business Loana Healing uses Holistic Nursing, Reiki, Alchemy Method, and Native American Healing techniques to provide an
intuitive approach to health. Since a young girl her grandmother recognized her gift, and saw a future vision of her being a very intuitive Healer. Lisa is of Lakota descent, and in her indigenous tribe they hold their gifts with sacred honor, close to their hearts as it is passed on from their
ancestors. When you experience a session with Lisa clients have said, "It is like she can read inside your whole body and see all your medical and emotional conditions. As she places her hands onto your body a warm golden glow is felt and the pain instantly starts to release, and in
that moment, you become aware of your blockages that are needed to be healed, quite an amazing experience!"

For Private Sessions with Lisa:

IMG_4133 copy.jpg

Eden Flynn

Auyurvedic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Eden guides people on their path towards whole body/mind/spirit health and wellness & helps people discover their innate ability to heal through Ayurvedic nutrition & lifestyle practices. She draws on subtle anatomy, the Ayurvedic art and science of self-care and embodiment, the deep healing wisdom of Ayurvedic nutrition, meditation and breath-work. Eden studied Ayurveda with Wise Earth Ayurveda, under the guidance of the Amazing Healer & world renowned Teacher Mother Maya Tiwari. Eden has also been in the healing arts as a somatic movement Teacher, embodiment coach, yoga, dance and meditation Teacher for people of various ages and backgrounds for a decade.

For Private Sessions with Eden visit


Shahara Redbird

Intuitive Healer

Shahara Redbird of German, French and Irish lineage, is an Algonquin Medicine Woman, O3 Activated Oxygen Practitioner, Intuitive Sound & Touch Therapist.

During her Ceremonial Hand & Foot Therapy Redbird Reclines your body on a specifically designed chair, suspending you in a field of zero gravity as an Infrared Ray Bio Mat warms the body from the inside out. Your body surrenders tension, your spine softens, muscles release and lengthen. A sacred aromatic fragrance is introduced as a calming thought. Receive Intuitive Touch as O3/Ozonated Olive Oil anoints your hands and feet, awakening your heart & soothing your soul. Completing the ceremony, Angelic Koshi Bells bathe your Mind, Body & Soul with Harmonic Heart Light preparing you for your life fully revitalized and fully Charged.

For private sessions with Shahara:

Alison and tea.png

Alison Magallon

Massage Therapist/Grief Coach

Alison Magallon was born in the UK and at an early age started her travels around the globe, living and learning from  indigenous communities from Asia, Africa and the Amazon. 

She has been a Massage Therapist for over 20 years, specializing in deep tissue & sports massage but as an empath she allows the body and spirit to show her what is needed for it’s healing and optimum health.

Alison has raised her 4 US born children as a single mother and understands the importance of taking care of ourselves.


She has recently moved back to the US from Costa Rica where she was facilitating retreats using plant medicine and nature for healing trauma and grief. She obtained her  Master Grief  Coaching Certification after going through her own personal tragedy and seeing grief as a gift to deepen our lives. She believes that no matter what life has brought us there is hope and healing as long as we give permission!

For private Sessions with Alison:


Amy Schmidt

Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner

Amy Schmidt is an LA-based writer, tarot card reader and a Reiki-initiated energy healer who grew up spending her summers in Ojai. Currently, she focuses on helping women expand their relationships with their bodies, and is working on getting her Akashic records and pole dance teaching certification. She’s thrilled to have been invited to participate in the Community Healing Sanctuary, and can’t wait to build her community up in this beautiful place. 


Onella Schmidt

Massage Therapist/Craniosacral

As a Certified Massage Therapist with 10 years of experience, Onella revitalizes the mind-body connection through her somatic approach. She draws from many modalities, including Biodynamic Craniosacral, Swedish, Tui Na, Trigger Point and Reflexology. Through her grounding presence, she enjoys witnessing each session unfold organically, while meeting what arises with openness and acceptance.


Onella listens and allows the body to unwind, recognizing its incredible wisdom and innate ability to find wholeness through integration. A session can feel like a whole-being transformation: as the body relaxes, our true essence is able to emerge, and we can find more clarity and ease in daily life.

For private Sessions with Onella:


Mikko Cook

Energy Healer

Mikko Cook is a certified energy healer of over 10 years, dedicated to helping individuals live their best life. A graduate of the Energy Healing Institute, Mikko's proactive method not only clears and balances energy systems, but also locates and identifies blockages that lead to physical discomfort, emotional pain and relationship distress. At the end of each session, client's are taught skills to take their work off of the table and into their daily lives where the real evolution begins. 


For private sessions with Mikko:


Courtney Trout

Myofascial Release

Courtney Trout has been a body worker

for 17 years, who started her career in

Las Vegas working for big resort spa's. 

She later left Vegas and moved back to California, working for a few small

boutique spa's, before branching out on

her own.  While living in Ojai she got

attuned for Reiki 1 & 2 and began incorporating Reiki in all her sessions.

She relocated to the Santa Ynez Valley, where she opened a Mobile Massage business called "Deep Tissue Diva Company," and now just this past year

she further branched out by opening her own spa space in Buellton, CA called, "Sunken Treasure Day Spa," here is where she gives an homage to her earlier spa

days, by offering Hot Stone, Body wraps

and foot scrubs.  As of this past

November she has turned a corner as is headed down the Myofascial Release Journey, helping clients recover from old traumas and injuries.


Christiana Williams

Reiki Practitioner/Energy Healer

Christiana is a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master practitioner. She channels the universal life force energy into a client to help clear energy blockages and aids the body in activating its own natural ability to heal itself.  Christiana’s compassionate and understanding nature, helps assist a person into a deep state of healing. Her practice involves Reiki and many other holistic energy healing methods. Her speciality is shifting a person from their PTSD and trauma conditions to a more regulated calm state of being. Christiana is passionate about helping others in their journey of healing and transformation.

Carolyn web pic.jpg

Carolyn Stonecloud-Bearde

Clairvoyant, Energy Healer

Carolyn has spent the last 30 years as a professional Clairvoyant and Energy Healer, Teacher, consulting with people of all walks of life. She formed a unique group of sensitives working on missing children’s cases and was on the board of directors for the United Sensitives of America. 

In recognizing the tremendous and often insecure sensitivities in the human matrix, she created “Inner Development Training” to assist others in recognizing their own awareness and intuitive nature.

Carolyn is deeply involved with Mighty Meditators. A worldwide movement dedicated to bringing people together in group meditation to raise world consciousness. The group meets online, Wednesdays and Sundays.

Carolyn’s clairvoyant abilities can reach deep into past incarnations, present and pressing situations, as well as looking at the future.


Ashley Berry

ntuitive Card Reader, Reiki & AromaTouch Practitioner

Ashley Berry is a  Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki and AromaTouch Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and Intuitive Card Reader whose mission is to offer heart-centered support for individuals and groups seeking healing in mind, body, and spirit. She loves nothing more than to help others gain clarity around their values and desires, release and clear away patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that are no longer serving them, and create lives full of authenticity, alignment, and radiant joy. Ashley believes that every single person has a deep inner wisdom and powerful self-healing capacities and her goal with each of her sessions is to help her clients connect with activate these gifts. Her hope is that clients walk away feeling present, grounded, and empowered.


Marinella Asole

Marmas Massage, Ayurvedic Consu1ltation

Marinella, a native of the island of Sardinia (Italy), graduated from the Center for Ayurveda.  Her training also includes “Pancha Karma” certification at Maharani Academy, “Vedic Counseling”,  “Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Meditation Therapy” at the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She is also trained in Marma massage which are specific pressure points where the physical and subtle body meet. They respond to the sense of touch.  Through the Marma system we can address different stresses and imbalances at different levels - physical, emotional, mental and vibrational. Marma therapy is an ancient Indian practice whose focus is the manipulation of vital energy  (prana) in the body to aid the healing process.   Marma Therapy is beneficial in releasing stuck energy, emotions, and stress through the activation of specific energy centers which allow our Prana (life energy) to flow freely.  


Marma Massage helps release all trauma and tension from the body and with the use of Ayurvedic oils, clients have commented, “Marinella puts you into another world, all the aspects of your body fully unwind with a deep state of relaxation, and you experience a pure state of bliss.”


Kimberly Donnely

Reiki, Sound Healer, Akashic Records

Kimberly is a Reiki Master/Energy healer who practices a combination of holistic modalities,  including Sound healing, Crystal therapy, Chakra balancing, Aromatherapy, EFT, Akashic records.  She recently graduated from a 1 year holistic energy healing apprenticeship to combine her natural empathic gifts she has with practical teachings. Kimberly tapped into her abilities once she indulged in this apprenticeship, as she remembered her youth and her connection with the angels, crystals and her empathic abilities which drew her to always be compassionate  


Kimberly truly resonates at a high vibration sending love and light to those she can. She holds space for you by tuning into your energy and intuitively connecting to your individual needs.  A session with Kimberly will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, and refreshed.

To Inquire about joining our Community of Healers, please call or email:

(805) 836.0980

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